Am I eligible for the Moovly Education plans?

Am I eligible for the Moovly Education plans?

Understand whether or not you can benefit from free or paid Education plans

Aside from its commercial subscription plans, Moovly offers special plans for education users:

  • The Free Education plan (Edu Free)
  • the Edu Max plan, which is a yearly Business subscription at a heavily reduced price
  • the Edu Class group plans.

Who is eligible for these education plans? All teachers, students, professors, or staff working in not-for-profit, subsidized, or government-owned official educational institutions can benefit from these plans:

  • Primary/elementary schools
  • middle schools, secondary schools, high schools (K-12)
  • universities/colleges.

Another important requirement is that you have a valid email address from your school or educational institution email domain and that you have a Moovly account with that email address. Such email domains typically have ".edu", "k12", ".ac.", "student" or "school" in their domain part, for example,,,,

If you have registered on Moovly with another email address, you can easily change it to your education email. Please note that this email address will be verified every 6 months (you will receive an email asking to re-validate your email address).

Many educational domains are already known to us, which means that new users from known domains are upgraded automatically upon registration. If that is not the case and you are not upgraded automatically, please contact us.

Who is not eligible for the Moovly Education plans? Commercial training organizations providing paid courses or private teaching initiatives are not eligible. If you are a non-profit organization or charity providing training activities, please check our non-profit discounts.

If you are an educational institution without an educational email domain and registering teachers or students on Moovly with non-educational email addresses (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail...), we unfortunately have no scalable way to verify the educational status of these users and therefore are not able to grant education accounts.

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