Back Office Analytics

Back Office Analytics

Back office tool now comes with analytics! You can now take a look at your group's usage and statistics all in one place.

If you are an admin of your Moovly Group, you will have access to the back office tool. To learn how to access it, click here.

What are the different analytics available?

1. Monthly new, active, and returning users
      This allows you to see the number of new users in parallel to the returning users in your group.

2. Monthly number of projects
      This shows the number of projects being created on a monthly basis. This lets you compare the trend up to 12 months past and study productivity.

3. Monthly number of renders
      Shows the number of videos being rendered each month. Data is also available for up to 12 months past. This will also help you study the overall credit usage of your group.

4. Subscription statistics
      This will show you the number of assigned subscription to available ones.

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