How to create bulk videos with multiple ASINs

How to create bulk videos with multiple ASINs

What is ASIN? 

ASIN, or Amazon Standard Identification Number, is a unique block of 10 characters used exclusively within Amazon's system to identify products. Each ASIN is unique and always associated with a particular product or product variation. Every ASIN will be 10 digits and consist of a combination of letters and digits.

Where do I find my ASIN? 

You can find the ASIN for a product on the Amazon retail website, as part of the product detail page. You can simply go to the product detail page and find the ASIN in the Product Details section. Alternatively, you can find the ASIN in the URL of the product page.

How to Create Bulk Videos in Moovly with Multiple ASINs

Step 1:  Navigate to the Templates section within Moovly and select a template that supports bulk creation.  

Opt for the third option, "Create in Bulk."

Step 2: Import ASIN Data

Click on "Import Data" and Choose the Amazon Seller Store.

You have two options for importing data:
  1. "Search in Your Store": Displays all products available in your store for import.
  2. "Search on ASIN": Allows you to paste your ASINs directly into the provided text field.

Step 3: After importing your ASINs, click "Import Products." Your products will now be visible in Moovly for further editing.

Step 4: After you finish editing your products Click on "Create Bulk Videos” located in the bottom right corner.
Step 5: Give your video folder a name and click "Create Projects."

Step 6: Your projects will begin generating and will be available in a few moments.

That's it! You've successfully created bulk videos in Moovly using multiple ASINs. If you have any further questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out.

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