Can we have a custom video made in Moovly?

Can we have a custom video made in Moovly?

Read about how to get a custom video made in Moovly

Yes! 😃 There are 2 options here: either contact the experienced Moovly team, or get in touch with one of our skilled partners.

Moovly offers a service of making a stunning video for you. Being delivered in Moovly, this video also gives you a year-long access to an included Pro Yearly subscription that lets you edit the video and create extra content yourself at no additional cost. Find out more here!

OR! ...If you want a professional video for your company or organization and you'd like that made by external experts in Moovly, we refer you to our Moovly Partners. Whether you'd like:

  • a well-written script for your content
  • a studio voice-over recording with a professional voice artist
  • a great graphical design with animated objects in line with your organization's guidelines
  • a perfectly animated master version of your content in Moovly
  • a translation of this content in any language
  • all of the above 

For these types of services or support, we partner with digital communications agencies with experience in creating videos for business purposes. They can create a great master version for you that you can access afterwards in Moovly, for later editing, additional versions, etc. Contact one of our partners for more information.


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