Does Moovly offer Multiyear plans?

Does Moovly offer Multiyear plans?

Moovly now offers several following multiyear plans:
  1. Max 3-year
  2. Max 5-year
  3. Max Lifetime (10-year subscription)
Key features:
  1. 100+ million royalty free images, sounds and footage
  2. AI (GPT) video generation
  3. HD 1080p quality
  4. Unlimited video length
  5. 50 downloads or exports per month
  6. Unlimited personal uploads
  7. No watermark
  8. Share projects with other users
  9. Create video templates
  10. Text-to-Speech
  11. Screen and webcam recording
  12. Subtitles / Closed captions
  13. Automated audio-to-subtitle conversion
  14. Automated translation of videos
  15. Color removal
For more information on all available plans and pricing, click here.

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