How can I get Moovly support?

How can I get Moovly support?

There are several different ways of getting Moovly support:

  1. This Help Center, where you can search for answers to your questions
  2. The conversation button (bottom right) that allows you to send messages to the Moovly support team
  3. The contact form on the website
  4. Various online resources, such as the Moovly Academy on YouTube, with how-to videos, tutorials and all kinds of tips and tricks.

Moovly's online support channel is organized from Europe and available during European business hours (CET - Central European Time). 

Support tickets are handled in a priority determined by the subscription type of the user:

  1. Enterprise subscribers get highest priority and are responded to within the next business day or earlier.
  2. Max subscribers requests are responded to within the next business day or earlier.
  3. (Education) Pro subscriber requests are responded to within the next 1 or 2 business day, on a best-effort basis.
  4. Free Education users and Free users are responded to on a best effort basis (usually within 2-3 working days).

Many support-related questions have answers that are available in our Help Center. Just enter a few keywords related to your question and most likely you'll find your answer there. You can also provide us with feedback on the answers by selecting from one of the emojis. This helps us to improve the answers based on your feedback.

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