How do I convert audio to subtitles?

How do I convert audio to subtitles?

Instructions on how to convert audio to subtitles

Please note converting audio to subtitles is only available for Max and Enterprise users. 

In Moovly it is now possible to easily convert your audio to subtitles in the Moovly Studio in just a few minutes. 

1) Open the Moovly Studio and insert your recording, audio, or video clip.

2) In the Timeline, right-click on the object and choose to Convert audio to subtitle.


3) Select the spoken language of the audio and click Convert audio to subtitles

4) The audio track will now start converting into subtitles. Depending on the length of your audio this might take several minutes.
Do not close the Moovly Studio during the conversion; otherwise, you will have to start over again. 

Please note that it is possible that the transcription will not be 100% accurate for each audio track, which means that the transcription may contain errors or faulty conversions. This can be modified afterwards. 

The progress of the conversion can be found next to the subtitles layer:


5) After the conversion, the subtitles will automatically be added to your project. 

6) You can now modify the subtitles. On the right-hand side of the Moovly Studio, you will find the properties of your subtitles. You can modify the font, size, (background) color.
Next up you can also choose to either import or export your subtitles.
We currently support .SRT and .CSV files.

That's it! Your audio has now been converted to subtitles and is ready to be used for your project! 

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