How do I upgrade my subscription?

How do I upgrade my subscription?

Steps to upgrade from Free or Edu Free to a paid subscription

When you register on Moovly for the first time, you get access to the Free version of Moovly. With this Free version, you can test and taste almost all the features of Moovly. If you would like to take advantage of premium features such as downloadingsharing your projects and much more, you should upgrade your subscription. Before starting the upgrade process, make sure to first check out the pricing table to determine which plan you want to upgrade to.

Below are the most common upgrade scenarios:

  1. From Free to Pro
  • On your Dashboard, look for the Upgrade button bottom left
  • Click the Upgrade button and choose between the Pro Monthly, Pro Yearly or Max plan
  • Enter your billing information, a coupon if you have one, and confirm your payment

2. From a Monthly to a Yearly plan

You can change your subscription from the Pro Monthly plan to the yearly plan by going to the upgrade page and following the steps.

3. From Free to Edu Free

The free education plan - called Edu Free - is available to teachers and students with an email address from an educational domain. This happens automatically upon registration for known education domains. If your educational email address is not recognized as such, you can apply for a Free Education plan.

4. From Edu Free to Edu Pro or Edu Max

As the Edu Free subscription also has a few limitations (e.g. you can only download in SD quality, your videos are watermarked, etc.), you can upgrade from the Edu Free plan to an Edu Pro or Edu Max subscription at highly discounted education pricing. An approved educational email address is a condition to have access these subscription plans. (If you are on the Edu Free plan, you already have an approved education mail domain).

To upgrade, follow these steps: 
  • On your Dashboard, look for the Upgrade button top right
  • Click the Upgrade button and choose the Edu Pro or Edu Max plan (billed monthly or annually)
  • Enter your billing information and confirm your payment

5. From Pro to Max

You can change your subscription from the Pro (Monthly or Yearly) plan to a Max plan by going to the upgrade page again and following the steps.

6. From Pro or Max to Enterprise

Companies or organizations that have more than 5 Moovly users can take an Enterprise subscription, including additional features and benefits such as a custom group library, custom fonts, custom templates, increased storage space, floating licenses etc. For Enterprise orders (as of 5 accounts or more), request a quote for your organization using the Business Contact Form.

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