How do I use the Text-to-Speech feature?

How do I use the Text-to-Speech feature?

Please note that the Text-to-Speech feature is available for Max and Enterprise users. To find out more about these subscriptions, please click here.  

Text-to-Speech is a great feature to enhance the viewer experience of your video. You can choose different languages to share your video with a broader audience.

Using Text-to-Speech for videos saves you time and money as you no longer have to record your own voice or you no longer have to spend additional money to hire a professional voice-over.

With the following steps, you will learn how easy it is to use the Text-to-Speech feature for your videos.

Step 1: Open the editor and click Record to find the Text-to-Speech option.

Step 2: Select your preferred language.

Step 3: Choose which voice you want for your project. 

Some languages offer you the choice between a 
Premium or Standard voice. The Premium voices sound more natural than the Standard voice. 

Tip: You can sample any voice by hitting the play button. 

Step 4: Insert your text in the provided text box. You can write up to 500 characters at once. 

Step 5: Click on Generate preview to listen to the first 25 words of your written text. 

Step 6: If you are satisfied with the result. Add a title and hit the Save button. 

Your Text-to-Speech recording will be available in your Personal Library under Sounds

That's it! You can now insert the recorded voice into any of your projects. 


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