How does the Amazon Ads pre-moderation in Moovly work?

Step-by-step guide for Amazon Ads Pre-Moderation

What is the Amazon Ads Pre-Moderation?

Amazon Pre-Moderation in Moovly is a feature that checks whether the videos created by users comply with Amazon's advertising policies before they are used in Amazon Ads campaigns. It helps users ensure that their content aligns with Amazon's guidelines and regulations, thus reducing the risk of rejection or non-compliance after launching the ad campaign. For more information on Amazon's Advertising Policies click here.

Step 1: Connect Amazon Ads Account with Moovly

Connecting Accounts: To begin, log in to your Moovly account. Once logged in, navigate to the "Settings" section. Within this area, you should find an option for "Connections". Click "Connect" under Amazon Advertising.

Step 2: Choose an Amazon Ads Template and add your content

Template Selection:

On the dashboard go to "Templates". Choose the "Amazon Ads" category to access a range of templates specifically tailored for Amazon Ads.
The templates that are available under the Amazon Ads category are all pre-approved by the Amazon Ads pre-moderation process. 

Once you've selected a template, it's time to customize it with your content. Add text, audio, and images as required. When your ad content is finalized, click on the "Export" option. This action will ask you to save your work and create a project from it. 

Step 3: Initiate Amazon Ads Pre-Moderation

Method 1: Starting the Amazon Ads Pre-Moderation:
Within the project details or settings, you'll find a menu option labeled "More." Click on this menu, and among the available options, select "Start Amazon Ads Pre-Moderation". This will start the pre-moderation for your project.

Method 2: Automated Compliance Check:
Moovly will run a pre-moderation check before the video is rendered. This check ensures that your video complies with Amazon Ads policy. 

Step 4: Pre-Moderation Outcome

Rejection Scenario:

If your video is rejected during pre-moderation, There will be a brief explanation of what did not meet Amazon Ads policies. Use the provided information and the Amazon Ads policy guidelines to rectify the non-compliant elements. Make necessary adjustments to your video according to the policy guidelines and resubmit if required.

Approval Scenario:

Should your video pass the pre-moderation process, Moovly will notify you via email and update your dashboard.

Your video is now ready to be used in your Amazon Ads campaigns.

Additional Tips:

  1. Policy Adherence: It's crucial to ensure that your video aligns with Amazon Ads policy guidelines to avoid rejection during pre-moderation.
  1. Regular Checks: It's a good practice to periodically review your content to guarantee ongoing compliance with Amazon Ads policies.

Feel free to explore this feature within Moovly and reach out for further guidance or assistance!

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