How does the Moovly Affiliate Program work?

How does the Moovly Affiliate Program work?

The Moovly Affiliate Program is intended to provide a commission to qualifying businesses as a reward for providing online Affiliates (via a unique link) to Moovly which results in successful subscriptions.

➡️ Note: This program is only available to Moovly users (from businesses) who are legally able to send an invoice to and be paid by Moovly. Other terms and conditions apply.

1. When on the Moovly Dashboard, select "Settings" on the left side: 

2. In settings, click the tab "Affiliate Program": 

3. Follow the steps by contacting to request a copy of the Affiliate Agent Agreement;

4. Once the agreement is signed and approved, the Affiliate Dashboard will become available to you. In this Dashboard you will find your personal Affiliate statistics, as well as the unique Affiliate link that you can share with other people: 

5. You can share this URL with your friends in whatever way you like: email, Facebook, Twitter... 

6. If one of your friends signs up to Moovly by using the unique link and subscribes to a Moovly subscription within 90 days after signing up, you'll earn a commission! The commission is 20% and calculated on the first period of a billing cycle, on the net amount.

For example, a friend of yours signs up to Moovly on February 21, by using your unique link. On March 1 he subscribes to a Pro Monthly subscription, at 49.00 USD per month, excl. VAT. You will earn 20% of 49 USD, i.e. 9.80 USD.

7. Commission will be paid after we have received your invoice.


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