How long can my Moovly content be?

How long can my Moovly content be?

Read about length limitations of the projects you create with Moovly

When you use Moovly, you can keep adding objects and make your video as long as you want. There is no limitation to the length of your Moovly project.

However, as Moovly is a web-based application that runs in your browser, you may experience browser or computer limitations at some point, such as:

  • longer loading times when you open your project
  • delays when navigating through your content
  • in exceptional cases: a crash of your browser

Whether you experience these problems depends on your infrastructure:

  • the power of your computer (processor/CPU, memory...)
  • the speed of your internet connection

Moovly has been optimized for content of 2-5 minutes long. You can definitely make your projects longer, but in such cases we advise to cut your content into chapters and create one project per chapter.

Please note that long videos also take longer render times, so if there's a small change to make to your content, you'll have to take into account that long rendering. Working with smaller pieces of content comes in handy in such cases.

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