How to apply animation effects to objects?

How to apply animation effects to objects?

Add different effects to images, sounds, and videos in your project

Every object on the Stage has a corresponding layer in the Timeline. That is where you can apply animations to your objects. The animation options of an object depend on the type of object selected. E.g. you can apply Hand Writing to a text object but not to an image, you can apply a Fly-In effect to an image but not to a sound, etc.

To add an animation effect to an object, first, select it in the Timeline. You will notice it turns blue when selected. Then look for the 'Add animation' button at the bottom of the Timeline:  

Clicking this button opens the animation options menu. An object can either enter or exit the Stage, but also hand animations can be applied, as well as more specific actions with 'Move & Transform':

Note: The popular Hand Draw animation is only available for objects of the Doodle Marker library.

When you've added an animation, it appears in the Timeline as a line. You can make it longer or shorter by dragging the bullet right or left as shown:

Here's an example of how to apply the animation effects 'Fade out', 'Fade in', 'Bounce in' and 'Flow in':

To remove an animation, click the little Trash icon.

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