How to change the order of objects on the Stage?

How to change the order of objects on the Stage?

Learn how to bring objects forward or backward

When you've put multiple objects on the Stage, you may want to rearrange which objects are on top or behind other objects. For example, if you want to use a picture or video object as a background, you will have to move it backward, behind all other objects that are on the Stage at that moment.

There are two ways to accomplish this: either using the object's right-click menu on the Stage or using the layers of the Timeline.

On the Stage, you can right-click on every object. A menu will appear with several options:  

You can choose between different options in the menu to bring your object forward or backward. ‘Bring forward’ moves the object one layer higher. ‘Bring to front’ moves it immediately in front of all objects.

You can also change the order of objects using the Timeline: higher layers are on top of lower layers: 

You can drag a layer higher or lower to change the order and bring an object forward or send it backward:

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