How to create my own Templates?

How to create my own Templates?

Learn how to make your own Templates for future use.

Templates are basically reusable and editable projects. In other words, they are created from projects. So before trying anything, go to the Moovly dashboard and create a new project.

Once you have the Moovly Editor open, you'll be able to add videos, photos, and text. Do this to your hearts content. If you are happy about the structure of your video, add some placeholders (this could be text, but also video or images) to be replaced.

If the placeholders are there, select them and enable the template options for the object:

Change the settings that are available to you for the template, and change the name of the variable. This is important for the form that will be rendered.

Once you are done, save your project and close the Editor. You'll have a Moovly project, but not yet a Template. To do this, open the Project details page and create the template by clicking on the button and verify by clicking on "Save as Template":

Finally, choose your template settings:

...tadaaa, you're ready! 💫

Your personal templates will also appear in the Templates section and you'll be able to use the Quick Edit form with them: all the objects you have marked as template objects (as described above) will appear in the form. This way, you can easily and quickly derive new projects from your templates without having to open the Editor!


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