How to cut, copy or paste objects?

How to cut, copy or paste objects?

Cutting, copying, and pasting objects including properties and animations

When you add objects to the Stage and Timeline, you usually change their size, position, properties, and animations. If you want to move or reuse such modified objects, the functions cut, copy and paste can be very handy.

You can cut, copy and paste objects, including their properties and animations as follows: 

1. Select an object on the Stage and then use the following standard key combinations:

  • on a Windows PC: use Ctrl+X, Ctrl+C, and Ctrl+V to cut, copy or paste the object
  • on a Mac: use Cmd+X, Cmd+C, and Cmd+V to cut, copy or paste the object

2. Alternatively, you can also use the icons above the Stage to cut, copy or paste:

Objects will be pasted as follows:

  • on the Stage: at the same place as the cut or copied object
  • on the Timeline: where the red Playhead is

Note that these cut, copy and paste functions can also be applied to Clips.

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