How to use template Automation or Bulk Video creation?

How to use template Automation or Bulk Video creation?

Templates can be used in different ways, including Automation or Bulk Video creation. This helps you produce multiple videos with different contents in one go.

Follow the steps below to start using Template Automation:

1. Select your desired template and click on Automation.

2. The contents of the template can be customized and will appear as rows. You can manually add rows or import data using CSV, Google Drive, or OneDrive. Using Google Drive or One Drive will require you to connect your account to Moovly prior to importing.

3. You can now start filling out each rows with texts and images. Each rows can be previewed by click the play button on Actions column.

4. You can add rows, import data, or do quick actions like removing backgrounds from images using the selections above.

5. Once you're done adding all the rows and data needed, click on Create bulk video.

6. You will be asked to create a group folder name and description, once filled out, click on create projects and you should be all set.

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