How to find a professional voice-over?

How to find a professional voice-over?

Steps to find a voice-over to use in your project (Moovly Studio)

You can record your own voice or use the text to speech feature in Moovly to tell your story, explain your topic or get your message across. But you can also use a professional voice over for a high quality result.

If you’re looking for a specific voice-over there are different online platforms you can check. You can easily define what you’re looking for, what language, what kind of voice, etc. and order your voice-over. Contact your preferred voice artist, send him or her your script text, and wait for the sound file to be delivered. Then just upload that sound file to your Personal Library in Moovly Studio and time it with your content.

Our trusted partner,, has over 125,000 professional voiceover artists worldwide, speaking over 100 languages and dialects. Visit to sign up free and get connected to voice-over talent from around the world!

If you're on a lower budget, Fiverr might be a perfect solution (although you might have to look around a bit before finding a voice-over artist that meets your quality standards). 

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