How to manage your Moovly projects?

How to manage your Moovly projects?

Rename, copy, archive, delete or edit your projects

Once logged in on Moovly, you'll land on a start page called the Dashboard.
Every project you create with Moovly is represented on your Dashboard as a thumbnail:

From this Dashboard, you can manage your projects. Move your mouse over the thumbnail of any project to see the following options:

  • Pen symbol: Click this to edit your project
  • Download symbol: Click this to download your project (not available in Free version)
  • Publish symbol: Click this to publish your project to the Moovly User Gallery
  • Sharing symbol: Click this to share your project with other Moovly users for viewing, copying or editing. (Note that this option is not available in the Free version)
  • Archive symbol: Click this to archive your project. You will be asked to confirm this.

When you click the info symbol, you'll open the Details (preview) page of your project:

To the right of the video player, you'll find a series of buttons with the following functions:

  • Edit project: open your project in the Moovly Editor
  • Copy: make a copy of your project (for example, to use it as a template for a new project)
  • Download: export your project as a video and save it on your device. This option is available if you have a Pro or an Enterprise subscription. If you are using the Free version and would like to download your content, upgrade to Pro.
  • Publishpublish your content for free to the Moovly Gallery or to social media, like YouTube or Vimeo.
  • Shareshare your project with other Moovly users so they can view, copy or even edit your content.
  • Template: Choose to save your new video as a template. 
  • Archiveremove your project from your 'My projects' section and archive it. From the Archived section, you can also permanently delete it.
  • Thumbnail: Set a new thumbnail for your video which can be viewed on the dashboard. 

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