How to record videos with your webcam?

How to record videos with your webcam?

Instructions for how to work with the webcam recorder

With the Max and Enterprise subscription, you are able to record videos via your webcam or screen.

Webcam and screen recording is currently supported on 
Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

With the following steps, you will learn how you are able to record videos with your own screen or webcam. 

Webcam Recording 

Step 1: Select record and choose 'Record'

Step 2: Depending on your internet browser you will be asked to give Moovly permission to access your webcam and microphone. Choose which camera and microphone you want to use and click on 'Allow'.

Step 3: Now you are all set to start recording with your webcam.

Click on 'Start recording' to begin recording. 

Step 4: Once you are finished recording click on stop recording. Give it a name and choose between 'Save and insert' or 'Save'. If you are unhappy about your recent recording just select 'Restart recording'. 

Please note that the quality of your webcam recording will depend on the quality of the camera and microphone you have on your computer or laptop. 


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