How to remove the background color of a product image

How to remove the background color of a product image

Step 1: Go to the template page on Moovly and select your preferred template.

Step 2: Click one of the available options until you land on the web form.

Step 3: In the top section of the web form, upload the images you want to use.

Step 4: Look for the magic eraser icon that is shown on your recently uploaded images.

Step 5: Click on the magic eraser icon and select "Remove Background Color" to initiate the magic!

Step 6: Now, your image is ready to be used without its original background color. Incorporate it into your video as needed.

Step 7: Complete the editing process for your video by adding other elements like text, adjusting colors, and music.

Step 8: Click on "Export video" to turn your edited video into a project that you can export.

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