How to upload videos to the editor?

How to upload videos to the editor?

Understand how to add existing video footage to Moovly

You can use Moovly to create content using a variety of objects: graphical objects, text objects, sounds, music, voice and even video objects. The video upload feature is available to all users, regardless of subscription. There are several ways in which you can upload videos:

  1. Personal Library: You can upload videos to your Personal Library and use them in the same way as other objects. Click Upload Media to upload a video clip from a folder on your own computer:

Video objects can be animated just like any other graphical object in the Studio editor. In other words, you can apply all standard animation effects on these video objects, such as Fade in/out, Hand shift/drag, Move & Zoom... You can upload videos in most typical file formats, such as MP4, MOV, WMVAVI, etc.

2. Storyblocks: You can also choose a video from the more than 800,000 royalty free stock videos available in the Storyblocks library! This library contains stock footage on many different topics, as well as beautiful motion graphics backgrounds.

To browse this library and use its videos, choose Storyblocks from the Library drop down list (under 'Stock Media'):

When selecting Storyblocks, you can enter a search term, preview the videos, and insert your video of choice:

3. Getty Images: You can find the Getty Images library in Moovly Studio by selecting ‘iStock Getty Images’ from the drop-down menu on the top left side of the Studio editor. 

Next, enter your search term in the search field and open the Filter drop-down list to select the type of media you are looking for. When you have found the object you would like to use in the Getty Images library, just click the “Insert in Project” button (bottom right). Once you have purchased these objects, the Getty Images watermark will be removed and you'll be free to use them in any other Projects.

4. Video objects in Moovly libraries: certain Moovly libraries such as Doodle Marker and Motion Graphics contain loopable video objects. Select a video you want to use from these libraries drag and drop the one you need. You will see a message saying:

Click 'OK' and then you will see the object on the Stage. Click play, and you can watch the video. You can extend these video loops and make them as long as you need.

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