How to use a video presentation?

How to use a video presentation?

When you've created a Moovly presentation that includes pause points, you can download that presentation for off-line use on a computer. That way, you can take your Moovly presentation to your audience and present your story with unseen transitions.

1. When your presentation is ready, close the Editor and go to the preview page of your project. There you can already test and preview if all pauses are at the exact spots: 

2. Notice that this preview player shows your pause points and also includes a full-screen option (in other words, you could also present from this page).

3. Download your presentation.

4. Once downloaded, the zip file needs to be unzipped first (just double click the zip file and it will happen automatically) into 2 files: a file called start.html and a folder with media content:

When you double click the start.html file, your presentation will be opened in your browser and played with Moovly's embedded presentation player. 

5. Put your presentation in full screen and use your keyboard arrows or spacebar to navigate from pause point to pause point.

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