How to use ASIN to create a video?

How to use ASIN to create a video?

What's ASIN, and how can I use it to make a product video in Moovly?

ASIN stands for Amazon Standard Identification Number, a unique identifier for products on Amazon. Moovly can use the ASIN to transfer the information directly into your project.

Where do I find the ASIN for my product on Amazon?

You can find the ASIN in the product details section on the Amazon product page. It's located in the URL of the product.

Where do I insert my ASIN on Moovly?

Go to the templates section and pick an Amazon template that you prefer. Next, choose the second option “Select product”

Choose the Amazon Seller Store, and select “Search on ASIN” to paste your ASIN in the assigned box.  

Click "Proceed with this product" to start customizing your project.

In the webform, you can personalize your video by incorporating additional media objects, catchy captions, highlighting features, and selecting a music track, colors, and fonts. If you want to make more changes to your video you can use our Video Editor and explore a range of advanced editing features such as transition effects, timings, text-to-speech, content, and more. To open your project in the Video Editor click "Export video," and then choose "Edit".

Once my video is ready, how do I publish it to Amazon Ads?

After finalizing your video, go to your project details and click on "Export".

Search for Amazon Ads > Pick your video quality, title and Amazon Ads profile. Finally, click Export project.

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