How to remove a color from an image or video?

How to remove a color from an image or video?

Instructions on using the chroma key function in the Moovly Editor.

Images and videos have a rectangle or square shape which is filled with content and color. If you want to use such assets in Moovly in multiple overlapping layers, it might be interesting to remove a color and make it transparent, so that an underlying image or video becomes visible.

For example, if you have a photo or video of a person presenting in front of a blue or green screen, you may want to remove that blue or green background color. Likewise, it can be interesting to use a logo animation or a motion graphics transition with a transparent background, so you can place it on another background.

The Moovly Editor allows you use the chroma key technique to remove a color (= ‘key out’) from an image or video and make that color transparent. The transparent layer is also sometimes referred to as the ‘alpha’ channel.

The following steps explain how to chroma key your videos or images.

Step 1: Upload a video clip or image to your Personal Library or choose one from the stock libraries.

Step 2: Select the Object in the library so that its Preview appears, and click on ‘Remove a color’:

Step 3: Use the color picker and move over the image or video to select the color you would like to make transparent:

Step 4: With the tolerance slider, you can change the sensitivity level for the color that will be removed.

Step 5: Enter a name for the modified Object and click on Save. By default, the modified object will be saved in your Personal Library, but you can also select another library if you have multiple. If you select the ‘Save and insert’ option, the object will be added to your project.

In the same way, you can remove a green screen in videos and images, as shown below:

With the following steps you will learn how to chroma key your videos or images from your Personal library or the stock media libraries in Moovly.

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