How to use Microsoft Excel with Moovly?

How to use Microsoft Excel with Moovly?

Learn how to use Microsoft Excel sheets to create videos in Moovly.

Before you start you need to create a Microsoft Excel document that has all the text data in it that needs to be inserted automatically into the video(s). Moovly will then generate a video for each row.

Step 1: Choose a template and click Automation.

Step 2: Choose Microsoft Excel Online

Step 3: Choose your preferred provider to where the videos need to be exported: You can currently choose to export to Google Drive, YouTube or via Mandrill.

Step 4: Now you sign in to your Microsoft account and connect your account with Moovly.

Step 5: Once you successfully connected your Moovly account with your Microsoft account you can now select your Excel file.

Step 6: Select your Excel file and choose the sheet you want to use the data from and click next.

Step 7: Tick off  Skip the first row to remove the column names. Next match the rows with the correct placeholders. The data in the rows will then be automatically generated in your videos.

Step 8: Depending on which export location you’ve chosen at the start you will get one of the following windows. 

1) Export to Google Drive

Step 9: Select or create a new folder where you want to export your videos.

2) Export to YouTube
Step 9: Your videos will now start to generate and automatically be saved into your YouTube channel

3) Export to Mandrill
Step 9: Choose the email template you'd like to use and click next

Step 10: Enter your subject, sender name and email and click Send videos to Mandrill

Once you hit the submit button your Excel sheet will start generating into video(s)! *Each user receives 25 credits if you interested ine more credits please contact us.

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