Moovly AI features explained

Moovly AI features explained

Unleash the Power of AI with these Moovly features

1. AI Script Generation

Writing compelling video scripts can be a daunting task, even for seasoned marketers and copywriters. But with Moovly, you can say goodbye to your writer's block. Our AI-powered script generation tool not only helps you craft engaging, well-structured scripts but also takes it a step further. It can generate a complete video based on your script. Simply provide the text, and our AI will transform it into a visually captivating video, making your video creation process more efficient and creative.

2. AI Voice Generation

Finding the perfect voice for your videos is a breeze with Moovly. Our AI voice generation tool offers an impressive selection of 1,200 voices in 150 languages. Whether you need a warm, friendly tone or a professional, authoritative voice, we have you covered. You can customize the tone to ensure your message is delivered exactly the way you want, in the language that suits your audience.

Looking for the right images and videos for your project can be time-consuming. Our AI-based asset search simplifies this process with access to over 120 million images, videos, and sounds. Our extensive library offers a diverse range of media, and our AI understands the context of your project to suggest the most relevant assets. This means you'll never run out of creative options, and your videos will always look fresh and engaging.

4. AI Transcription

Transcribing audio can be a tedious task, but our AI transcription tool automates the process. It converts spoken words into text with remarkable accuracy, making your video content more accessible.

5. AI-Based Translation

In the global marketplace, reaching a diverse audience is key. Moovly's AI-based translation tool ensures that language barriers are no longer a hurdle. It can translate your video content into multiple languages, broadening your reach.

6. AI Text Summarization

Long-winded content can lose your audience's attention. Moovly's AI text summarization feature helps you distill lengthy text into concise, engaging summaries, keeping your viewers hooked. These AI features are designed with nonprofessional video editors in mind. They streamline the video editing process, save time, and boost the quality of your content. Whether you're creating marketing videos, tutorials, or product demos, Moovly's AI tools are your secret weapon. The future of video editing is here, and it's AI-powered.

Embrace the future with Moovly and take your content to new heights with these advanced AI features.

Excited to explore these amazing features? You can access them by starting a new project or opening the editor in Moovly. 

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