What are Moovly Credits?

What are Moovly Credits?

Credits are required to render a video. Each video render (making a video available for download, publish, or export) requires 1 credit. Monthly credits are provided in Max plans (50/month) and renew on a monthly or yearly basis depending on your plan. For users who do not want to get a subscription, Credit Packages are made available.

Unlike credits from a subscription that expires when the subscription expires, purchased credit does not have an expiration and can be used at any time. Credits cannot be transferred from one account to another.

What are the different credit packages available?

Credit packages are available in different volumes. The price per credit goes down as the volume goes up. See different packages below:
  1. 1 Credit ($25/video) - $25 USD
  2. 5 Credits ($20/video) - $100 USD
  3. 10 Credits ($15/video) - $150 USD
Note: Custom pricing is available for packages above 100 credits.

Where can I find my remaining credits and how to purchase them?

On the Moovly dashboard, go to the settings dropdown and click on "Credits" or simply click the remaining credits icon at the bottom.

Here, you will find a Credit Summary that shows the Available and/or Remaining Credits, and the number and history of credits used. Credit packages are also shown on the same page and proceed with the one you need by clicking the "Buy now" button.

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