What are Moovly partners?

What are Moovly partners?

Our users range from single users, education, small to medium business to large brands and corporations. All of them have different needs and types of projects, so these types of requests can vary and we rely on our Moovly partners to handle these. 

Once a certain request comes in, we refer them to one or some of our partners. At that point, the partner is in direct contact with the Moovly user to set up the project, make arrangements, agree on pricing and deliverables:

The type of services our partners offer can vary from:
  • Delivering creative advice (writing of the storyboard, scriptwriting, … )
  • Copywriting and translations
  • Providing voice-overs
  • Custom content creation (create projects in Moovly based on a script) in an existing Moovly style
  • Custom content creation based in a new, specific graphical style requested by the client
  • Create custom objects (still and/or animated)
  • Organize online & onsite trainings 
  • Reselling Moovly licenses

If you are interested in becoming a Moovly partner, simply fill in the Contact Form on the website and someone will get back to you!

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