What are the technical requirements for Moovly Studio?

What are the technical requirements for Moovly Studio?

Moovly Studio is a browser-based application that is supported by most browsers:

  • Chrome, Firefox and Edge on Windows computers
  • Chrome, Firefox or Safari on Apple Mac computers running macOS/OS X. 

Please make sure to always use the most recent version of your browser and operating system. Old versions of browsers or operating systems are not supported. Older versions of Internet Explorer, for example, are not able to perform some of the essential functions of Moovly Studio.

If you experience issues with your browser, here are a couple of troubleshooting tips.

There is no need for software or plugin installation (Moovly Studio is HTML5 based, so Flash is not required).

While you can log in on Moovly from smartphones or tablets, Moovly Studio as an application is currently not optimized for or supported on mobile devices. Moovly however does provide a mobile companion app for both iOS and Android devices. This app works both on smartphones and tablets and synchronizes with your Moovly Studio account. 

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