What can you make with Moovly?

What can you make with Moovly?

Learn what kind of content you can create with Moovly

With Moovly, you can create animated videos or video presentations without any experience in video editing.

You don’t even have to shoot your own video footage: you can find all the building blocks for your video in the Moovly libraries: over 1+ million videos, sounds, & images free video clips, images and sounds. Just drag and drop them in the visual editor and you’re done!

You can create any type of animated video-based content with Moovly.  Examples include:

  • Animated videos
  • Video presentations
  • Banners or display ads
  • Animated infographics
  • Animated e-cards
  • Demo videos
  • E-learning and training videos
  • Explainers or tutorials
  • Fun videos for social sharing
  • Music videos
  • Whiteboard animations
  • YouTube intros...

as well as any combination of the above!  In other words, You can create videos or animations of any size, style or type. You can demonstrate, explain, show or entertain. 

Moovly lets you make any content you can think of, in any style, and in an easy and intuitive way. Without spending thousands of dollars on a video production agency!

'My projects'

When you create new Moovly project, you can find it in the My projects area of your Dashboard when you are logged into your account.

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