What is a subscription?

What is a subscription?

When you purchase a Moovly subscription, you're paying a price to have access to the Moovly platform, applications, features and services in a recurring, periodical way. Just like other subscription services (for example Spotify, Netflix, Office 365...) you have access to the service for as long as your subscription runs. 

When you purchase a Moovly subscription plan, you are starting a repeating cycle of either monthly or yearly subscription periods, which renew automatically at the end of every period. You can cancel this renewal at any time: when you do this, you will not be charged anymore when the current subscription period ends.

Moovly has different subscription plans available, as outlined on our pricing page:

  • Pro Monthly: a Pro plan with recurring monthly payments
  • Pro Yearly: a Pro plan with recurring yearly payments
  • Max Monthly: a Max plan with recurring monthly payments
  • Max Yearly: a Max plan with recurring yearly payments
  • Enterprise: a bundle of 10 Pro licenses with extras - yearly payments
  • Education: a free plan exclusive to education users (students/teachers)
  • Edu Pro: a Pro plan exclusive to education users (students/teachers)
  • Edu Max: a Max plan exclusive to education users (students/teachers)

Some Moovly users are still on older subscription plans called PlusUnlimited or Business. As long as these subscriptions are not interrupted, the old (advantageous) pricing remains valid for every subscription period.

When you purchase a subscription, you are requested to enter a valid credit card or Paypal account. At the end of every subscription period, this payment method will be reused and so your card or account will be charged automatically, unless you have cancelled this auto-renewal. If your payment method is not valid anymore (e.g. when your credit card or Paypal account has expired), you will get an email notification with a request to enter a different payment method (please make sure that Moovly's emails are not blocked by your spam filter). If your payment method is not replaced timely by a valid one, your subscription will be terminated.

Please note that canceling the auto-renewal of a subscription prevents the next payment of the subscription cycle. We do not provide refunds for subscription renewals that have been cancelled after the renewal date.

More details related to subscriptions are available in the Terms & Conditions you agreed to when you signed up. 

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