What is Storyblocks?

What is Storyblocks?

Understand what Storyblocks is and how many assets it contains

Storyblocks (formerly VideoBlocks) is a leading and award-winning stock media company Moovly has partnered with to bring our users more than 1+ million free videos, sounds, & images. Do you need an airport video to include in your project? Storyblocks has that! Do you need a sunset or an office background? Or some great background music beat? Storyblocks has that, too!

With over 760,000 HD video clips, over 400,000 images, photos and illustrations plus more than 125,000 music tracks, sounds effects and loops, you can make your videos or presentations more engaging and impressive than ever before. 

You can find the Storyblocks library by selecting ‘Storyblocks’ from the drop-down menu on the left side of the Editor, under 'Stock Media':

In the extended view, enter what you wish to search for and filter for images, sounds, or videos. Click an object to preview it on the right-hand side:

When you've found what you were looking for, click the 'Insert' button and the object will be added to the Stage!

If you don't find what you want, make sure to check out the millions of objects in the iStock by Getty Images library!

*Please note, content from the Storyblocks library may only be used in the Moovly Studio it is not allowed to export separate Storyblocks videos, images or sounds and use a 3rd party tool to edit the content. If you wish to edit Storyblocks content with different video editing tool you need a separate license. For more information please visit Storyblocks

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