Where are the millions of objects in Moovly?

Where are the millions of objects in Moovly?

Browse the libraries with tons of objects you can use for your projects

On our website and other communications you may find that Moovly offers over 1.3 million free images, videos and sounds and access to even millions of additional objects. This FAQ explains where to find them.

Moovly offers a series of standard libraries with graphical objects in different styles: Infographics, Doodle Marker, Stamps etc. When you open the list of available libraries, you'll also notice the external libraries at the bottom of the list: 

These 2 external libraries are:

  • Storyblocks, a free library of over 1.3 million objects you can choose from without additional payment. 
  • iStock by Getty Images, a library with over 75 million objects you can select on a pay-per-object basis.

When you select either of these libraries, you can either choose the regular library view or the Extended one (clicking the double arrow icon): 

You can also get to the Extended view by clicking 'Show more' at the bottom of the list. In the Extended view, you can search for keywords and preview them:

You can further refine your search by entering multiple keywords or by filtering the results for either videos, sounds or images.

When you have selected an object, just click the blue Insert button to add it to your project.

Note: while the Getty Images objects are payable, you can insert them in your content and create your full video project with them. You only have to decide at the end (upon downloading or publishing) whether you want to pay for the objects used or not. 

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