How do I use the masking tool?

How do I use the masking tool?

Learn how to mask layers to hide and reveal parts of your composite

You can add a mask to an object and use the mask to hide portions of the object and reveal the layers below. Masking layers is useful for combining multiple objects into a single video or image or for removing a person or an object from an image or video.

Layer and vector masks are non-destructive, which means you can go back and re-edit the masks later without losing the content they hide.

To create a mask layer go to the Moovly Studio insert an image or video onto the Stage. Select the image or video and go to Object Properties and go to Mask. You also right-click on the object and select “Add Mask”.

When you apply any mask, Moovly provides additional settings that let you adjust the mask size ().

You can edit the layer mask by adjusting the size of the masked region. A layer mask is a grayscale image. The areas that are dark will be hidden, the areas in the masked region will be visible.

Once you are satisfied with the result click save to apply the layer mask to your object. You always change the mask layer size and shape afterwards or remove the layer mask. To edit the object again right-click or click on the masking button to open the masking panel.


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