How to make a screen recording?

How to make a screen recording?

Instructions for how to work with the screen recorder

Webcam and screen recording is currently supported on  Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

With the following steps, you will learn how you are able to record videos of your own screen or window. 

Screen Recording

Step 1: Select Record and choose 'Record '.

Step 2: Depending on your internet browser you will be asked to give Moovly permission to see your screen. Choose which window or screen you would like to record.

Step 3
: Now you are all set to start recording your selected window or screen.

Click on 'Start recording' to begin recording. 

Step 4: Once you are finished recording click on stop Recording.
Give it a title and choose between 'Save and insert' or 'Save'. If you are unhappy about your recent recording just select ' Restart recording '.

 In the Moovly Studio, the screen recording quality is reduced to avoid any performance issues. In the rendered version we will use the high-quality screen recording. 


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