How to use AI-based GPT video generation?

How to use AI-based GPT video generation?

To automatically generate video content using GPT (AI), follow these steps:


Our integration with OpenAI's ChatGPT allows you to quickly and easily create videos from text. AI video generation helps you transform your content or subject into a video without needing to write and compose your video from scratch. It serves as a great starting point, allowing you to further edit and customize your video to perfection.

Getting Started

Step 1: Click "Create Project" on your Moovly Dashboard and choose a 16:9 aspect ratio.

Step 2: Open the "Properties" panel in the Editor and click the "Toolkit" tab. Select "AI (GPT) Video Generation."

Creating a script

In the AI (GPT) Video Generation tab, you'll find the following options:

  • Video type

  • Audience

  • Language of video

  • Word count

Step 3: Choose Your Video Type:  This determines the script's format (e.g., explainer, marketing video).

Step 4: Select who you're creating the video for (adults, teenagers, etc.)  This influences the script's tone and vocabulary.

Language and Word Count:  Choose your preferred language and desired script length.

Step 5: Enter Your Video Topic then click "Generate Script." Moovly will use GPT technology to create a draft script.

A few seconds later, you'll get a script proposal that you can further customize.


Step 6: After generating the script, you can edit the individual scenes (clips) that will be used to find visuals for your video subject.


Step 7: 
In this step, we will provide suggested visuals for each of your scenes. These visuals are chosen to match the context of your script.
You can further customize the visuals by:
  1. No visuals: Uploading your own media if you already have specific visuals in mind.
  2. Choosing visuals from a different stock library
  3. Replacing any suggested visual with another one that better suits your message.
  4. Remove any of the suggested visuals.


Step 8: Personalize your video's style by choosing: 
  1. On-screen text style
  1. Voice-over narration (language and voice selection)
  2. Scene animation (no animation, fade, or slide)

All objects can still be modified, replaced, or removed afterward.


Step 9: 
In the last step, you get the option to add background music and/or a voice-over:
  1. Background music from our stock library will be available to enhance your video.
  1. Voice-Over: Add a voice-over that narrates your script. We offer a wide selection of available voices in different languages. 

Generating your video

Step 10: Click "Create video"

Your video is now being generated. The process typically takes 1-5 minutes. 

Once generated, click "Have a look" to preview your video. You can further edit the text, visuals, audio, and other elements in the Moovly Editor.

Use the Swap Object feature to quickly replace your image and/or video objects in your project

Once your video is finalized, click "Save and exit" in the top-right corner.

From the Dashboard, you can now Download or Publish your video.

Have any questions or feedback? Don't hesitate to reach out!

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