How to use the comment and review system?

How to use the comment and review system?

Learn how to use the comment and review system

Every Moovly user can now invite others to review their video project and add time-stamped feedback.

The comment and review system is available for Free, Pro, Max and Enterprise users.

All submitted comments are consolidated in the Moovly Studio and Dashboard and can be replied to and resolved. You can invite your peers, colleagues, managers, and other stakeholders to review your content.

Invite people to comment on your project

To allow people to leave comments on your project you first need to invite them by using the Share or Comments button on the details page of your project.

Click 'Share' and this will open the share window.

You can now add the persons you wish to invite, these can be existing or non-existing Moovly users. On the right-hand side, you can choose which right you wish to assign. To allow them to leave feedback on your project you need to choose 'Review'.

You can choose an expiration date this means they will have access to the project until a certain point in time (optional) .

You can also add a message to your invite to provide further information (optional) .

Click 'Share' to send the invitation.

At any time you can revoke access by revisiting the Share menu.

The invited persons will receive an invitation via email where they can view your project.

Alternatively, you can use the Comments button to add comments or invite others. 

Invitees can now view the project and leave comments on the project (see screenshot below).
They can add general comments regarding the entire project or at the timestamp.

View feedback

You can view your feedback on the Dashboard in the comments section or in the Studio when you open your project.


When a person leaves a comment on your project you will be able to view this feedback in your project under ' Comments '.


In the comments section, you can view, reply and resolve comments.

When someone leaves feedback at a certain timestamp you can easily jump to the part by clicking on the yellow indicator on the Timeline or by clicking on the comment which automatically moves the Playhead to the timestamp.

Do you experience any issues with the Comment and Feedback system? Don't hesitate to contact support for further help!

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