How to use the Grid on the Stage?

How to use the Grid on the Stage?

Use the Grid function to organize your objects on the Stage

When composing your content on the Stage, gridlines can be handy for a proper layout of your graphical and text objects. Moovly has a Grid option that you can switch on when needed. The gridlines will not be visible in your final, rendered video.

Furthermore, the 'snap to grid' option allows you to perfectly position, distribute or align objects on perfect horizontal and vertical lines.

How to switch on the Grid?

Click the Grid icon top right of the Stage to open its menu. Tick the "Show Grid" button to view the gridlines. Modify the number of horizontal and vertical lines you would like to use:

Tick the "Snap to grid" option to have your objects automatically snap to the gridlines when you reposition them. You will feel the "gravity" of these lines as you move the edges or center of your object near these gridlines.

When the grid option is on, the grid icon will turn blue:

To turn off the grid function, just click the Grid icon once more - it returns to gray and the grid disappears.

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