How to select and align multiple objects on the Stage?

How to select and align multiple objects on the Stage?

Creating a video with multiple objects on the Stage

When creating a video with multiple objects on the Stage (e.g. when creating a bullet list, or a combination of text and object), it is usually better to properly align these items. 

To align Stage objects, first select the objects you wish to align and click the Align icon at the top of the Studio editor.

To select multiple objects on the Stage, hold the 'CTRL' key for Windows, or the 'CMD' key for Mac. The Align icon (right above the Stage) will become active:

Once you have selected at least 2 objects, blue boxes will highlight the selected objects: 

In the dropdown list that opens when you click the Align button, you will now find different options for aligning the objects:

Please note that alignment will of course change when objects are animated.

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