I have not received an account activation email. What should I do?

I have not received an account activation email. What should I do?

The ‘normal’ Moovly account activation flow is as follows:

  1. On https://www.moovly.com/sign-up you fill out your first name, last name, and email address.

  2. An activation email is now sent to your email address.

  3. You receive the activation email instantly and you click the activation link;

  4. You are directed to the Moovly Dashboard and are requested to fill out a password;

  5. The activation is now final and you have access to the Moovly Dashboard and editor.

In some cases the activation email arrives in the spam folder. If you have not received the activation email, please check your spam folder first.

If you have not received anything in your spam folder either, the email is probably being blocked. In general, make sure to whitelist mails from moovly.com in your mail settings, as Moovly frequently sends mails for download or sharing notifications, password reset etc. 

Information about whitelisting emails can be found here.

Good luck!


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