What’s in the Free version?

What’s in the Free version?

Features and limitations of the Free version
We want everybody to be able to create engaging content. This is why we offer you an unlimited Free version of Moovly Studio, enabling you to discover and test most of its powerful features!

You can use almost all of Moovly's rich features and libraries to make your first video project, including:

  • Most of the features of the Pro and Max subscription in terms of making and creating your Moovly projects;
  • Access, from within the Moovly Studio editor, to the iStock by Getty Images, Soundstripe Music, and Unsplash libraries;
  • Possibility to upload your own media: images, sounds, and videos;
  • Publish to the Gallery, to YouTube and Vimeo, and embed videos from the Gallery on other webpages;
  • Using the Moovly app to view your videos and easily upload media from your mobile device.

The Free version also has a number of limitations. For example, if you have a maximum video length of 2 minutes  and no access to Pro libraries, you will not be able to download your videos, publish them to social media without a watermark, or share their Moovly project with other users. To unlock these and many more features, upgrade to the Pro or Max subscription.

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