How do I edit a video or image?

How do I edit a video or image?

Object Properties

You can use the object properties tools to easily make changes to your photos or videos, such as changing the color, exposure, contrast or saturation. You can also add shadow, blur, outline to your object.

In the Object properties you can edit the following settings: 
  1. Change the color, exposure, contrast and saturation. Click the white marker icon () for more advanced settings.
  2. Change the volume of your video
  3. Adjust the Speed: Adjust the play speed of your video. See how to change the speed of your video
  4. Change the Opacity. See Object Opacity.
  5. Add Blur, shadow or an outline to your image or video
  6. Apply masks: see how to add masks to an image or video.
  7. Apply filters: Click Filters to display filters you can apply to change the look of your photo or video. See How can I add filters to an image or video.

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