How to create an interactive video presentation?

How to create an interactive video presentation?

Slide-based presentations can be very boring when the visual content presented is static, full of text or poor in color or layout. Moovly allows you to create video-based presentation, whereby every transition from one screen to another is simply a piece of video or animation that pauses automatically where you want it.

Changing a project into an Interactive Video

1. Creating a video presentation starts by setting up your Project mode within the Stage properties and selecting Interactive.

2. From there everything happens in the same way as creating any Moovly video: compose your content using library objects and time their appearance and animation using the Timeline. 

Adding pause points

Where you want your video to pause (because you want to explain or present that content), add a Pause Point (this is essential when you want to save your presentation!).

When pause points are present, your video playback will pause wherever such a pause point is present.

Note: you will need to play your video presentation using the Moovly player, which will be included in your download. Other video players, such as Quicktime, Windows Media Player, YouTube etc... will ignore your pause points and just continue the video playback.

You can move a pause point by dragging it left or right. You can delete it by right clicking it and selecting "Remove pause point":

You can add interactivity to your project. Select an object on the stage and unfold the Interactivity panel. Under type add your link. When you download or publish your interactive project, viewers will be able to click on the object and access the link.

To use your project as a presentation, you will need to download it as a presentation (.zip) file.


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