New Dashboard Toolkit

New Dashboard Toolkit

New Toolkit Section on the Dashboard

What is the Toolkit? 

The new toolkit section on your dashboard allows you to quickly access advanced Moovly features such as AI Video Generation, Text to Video and other useful features.

Accessing the Toolkit

Click on the Toolkit tab on the left side of the dashboard. And select which feature you want to use.

AI GPT Video Generation

Lets you automatically generate a video based on their text input. The GPT algorithms generate a script text, based on which Moovly generates corresponding video content, including visuals such as images or footage, text, subtitles and narration. Learn how to use GPT Video creation here.

Webpage to Video Generation and Text to Video Generation

A feature that lets AI analyze and summarize the text you paste or read the contents of a webpage to automatically create scripts, generate video contents, including visuals such as images or footage, text, subtitles and narration. Learn how to use this feature in this link.

Amazon Ads Pre-Moderation

This feature lets you upload a video and check for compliance with Amazon Ads Pre-moderation Policy. Learn more about this topic here

E-commerce Video Maker

Use existing templates to quickly create E-commerce videos. You can use a quick edit form to place text, images, and audios. You can also select a product directly from your store. Generate bulk videos using the automation tool.

News Video Maker

Also uses existing templates to create news and RSS feed videos. You can use a quick edit form to place text, images, and audios or use an RSS feed to automatically generate the videos.

BETA: Transcription Based Editing

You can edit a voice-based video by editing its transcript. Remove stop words, sentences, or even a paragraph.
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