What is the Toolkit and its features?

What is the Toolkit and its features?

The Toolkit is a collection of advance features including Subtitles, Google Translate, XLIFF import/export, Reord, Text-To-Speech, Text-To-Video generation, AI (GPT) video generation.
You can access the toolkit by clicking the Pencil and Ruler icon

What are the advance features in the Toolkit?


- In this function, you can create subtitle tracks by uploading an SRT file, convert an audio into subtitles, or start from scratch.

Google Translate

 - This function allows you to translate the text object and subtitle's language in your project. You can choose to translate text objects and subtitles. You can choose to add a new subtitle track in the same project or create a new project with the translated text. Learn more about Google Translate with the link below:

XLIFF export/import

- This is were users can import an XLIFF file with translated text object, or export text objects as an XLIFF file. XLIFF is a special file format used by professional translators. More about this topic in the link below:


- Record function allows you to record a video and audio from a webcam, screen, or just an audio using your microphone. Make sure you allow the editor to access your webcam and microphone by granting permission through browser pop-up. See related links below:


-In Text-To-Speech, you can paste or write texts and convert in into speech. Choose from a wide variation of voices that best match your project. See related link below:

Text-To-Video generation

-This is one of the newest advance feature of Moovly. This is a powerful tool to create a video using only texts. You can paste your source text and the tool will generate scripts. You can also paste a webpage URL and our AI will analyze its content to generate the script. You can summarize the content using GPT. Generated scripts will turn into clips, where you can select how your text will appear and choose to include visuals. In a few click, AI will generate video clips. Learn more from the link below:

AI (GPT) video generation

-AI video generator allows you to jump start your project using GPT. The GPT algorithms generate a script text, based on which Moovly generates corresponding video content, including visuals such as images or footage, text, subtitles and narration. Learn more from the link below:

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